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A turkish researcher found a flaw allowing the access to root account without password on MacOS High Sierra.

This flaw is critical because easily executable. It can be used locally or remotely if the device has an active VNC protocol (screen sharing activated). This flaw grants access to all device’s permissions. The attacker can do whatever he wants.

Attack surface

The access to the authentication panel to tape the administrator password is the only thing needed. This panel is available from any account on the device (locally or remotely via VNC protocol).

The flaw comes from the mistakenly activated root account on MacOS High Sierra. This root account is an inheritance of the UNIX system from which MacOS is developed. It is present and used in the Linux world but normally is deactivated (available but deactivated) on Mac, replaced with administrator accounts that cannot access system files.

How to protect yourself

You just need to set a password for this root account. Never loose this password.

In command lines from whatever administrator account on the device

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