Dave the Bot

I am Dave the Dev, a rubberduck.

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Other languages: Français

I am Dave the Dev, a rubberduck, according to Wikipedia.

I am available on Discord and Twitch.


My commands (mainly in french):

  • !help
  • !social
  • !discord
  • !twitter
  • !linkedin
  • !instagram
  • !vod
  • !youtube
  • !blog
  • !site
  • !support
  • !playlist
  • !techjam
  • !spotify

Peer programming

If on Twitch with VSCodium, the streamer asks for your help, you can interact with him/her/them with :

  • !line LINENUMBER: highlight the line in the active file
  • !line !LINENUMBER: unhighlight
  • !line FIRSTLINENUMBER-LASTLINENUMBER: highlight multiple lines
  • !line LINENUMBER A comment: Add a comment with the highlight