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What is MyCrypNet ?

MyCrypNet is a configurable multiple access VPN. VPN means Virtual Private Network. A VPN connects, with a secured, encrypted tunneling technology, two devices, or two device networks (computers, tablets, smartphones…), geographically distant and logged onto a public net (internet for example).

What is MyCrypNet ?

If you want to install a MyCrypNet service here are the tutorials for the main operating systems:

This tutorial shows how to install MyCrypNet on Android™
This tutorial shows how to install MyCrypNet on IOS®
This tutorial shows how to install MyCrypNet on Linux®
This tutorial shows how to install MyCrypNet on Mac OS®
This tutorial shows how to install MyCrypNet on Windows

More informations on how to install and help are available here.

More informations on technicals aspects and the security of a MyCrypNet network are available here.

What MyCrypNet is useful for ?

With a MyCrypNet network you can create your own network between your devices even if they are not geographically close to one another.

For instance, you can have a computer in Paris and be in London with your smartphone.

By installing a MyCrypnet access on your computer and one on your smartphone you create a MyCrypNet network between them.

They can now share informations, files, printers, scanners, webcams… very easily.

Here is an example on how to install a MyCrypNet network between 3 devices.

A more adaptable network

A MyCrypNet network can be delegated to multiple users and their devices. That way you can create a more complex network to share data with your friends or colleagues.

Let’s assume you are in a distant country, New York for instance, and you need to accede to a very private file available on a computer owned by your friend in Geneva. How will you make the file travel to you securely and privately?


Use your MyCrypNet network and delegate one of your MyCrypNet access to your friend. The MyCrypNet access will appear on your friend’s interface.

Once the MyCrypNet access installed on your friend computer, the file can be easily shared by multiple techniques.

Here is an example of how to share files through MyCrypNet.

Here is the tutorial on how to install the delegation.

Create your secure network

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