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What is MyCrypNet ?

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MyCrypNet is a configurable multiple access VPN. VPN means “Virtual Private Network“. A VPN connects, with a secured, encrypted tunneling technology, two devices, or two device networks (computers, tablets, smartphones…), geographically distant and logged onto a public net (internet for example).

You can order a MyCrypNet.

What is MyCrypNet for?

A MyCrypNet subscription allows you to have direct access to a device, or a local network, from anywhere, even from very distant places.

Let’s try an explanation: at home, you probably have an internet access point with a switch, a router, on which all your devices are connected (computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, TV, printer, scanner…). You do have a local network in the house. The router looks after everything: it connects the devices and it delivers the information. You notice it every day, it’s very easy to share data between your different equipments. For example, to send a huge file between your computer and your laptop, a very simple copy-paste or a drag-and-drop will do. To print a document from your tablet onto the printer, which is at the other end of the flat, a simple click is enough. With MyCrypNet all these jobs are easy in spite of the distance and from anywhere.

The MyCrypNet access

Let’s suppose you are very far away from home, in New York, and you need to access onto the hard disk of your home computer, in Geneva, to the tremendous confidential file that you missed taking with you. Of course, you gave a key to the neighbour, to feed the cat… But of course, you won’t give her your computer password. And then, how to send the file being sure that it’s not twisted, robbed, or read by unauthorized eyes? Impossible. With MyCrypNet, it’s possible. If you configure a MyCrypNet access to your home local network, you can connect to it, from your nomad devices, with total security. By configuring MyCrypNet on your laptop as you are in New York, and your home local network is in Geneva, you can access onto all your connected equipments in the local network: hard disks, printers, webcams…  MyCrypNet allows you to do as if you were inside the same local network, in Geneva, although you are in New York. Handy, isn’t?

MyCrypNet’s security

Setting a MyCrypNet access is being able to share data with perfect confidentiality and total security. Everybody knows that using a public network (internet) to exchange data is very risky. On the internet no confidentiality of data exchanges, neither their integrity, is guaranteed. Everybody can catch, record or modify the packets of transferring data between your two devices. MyCrypNet creates a perfectly secured tunnel between the two local networks, even through a public network. The data streams exchanged between the two networks are still visible, but, as they are encrypted with your own MyCrypNet key, they cannot be read or decoded by anybody else.

If you are interested, you can order a MyCrypNet.

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