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Windows® has a feature that allows one or more folders to be shared with computers on the local network. It is also possible to use this function with your MyCrypNet network to perform secure, simple and fast exchanges between your different machines.

It is based on SMB.

We’ll see the different configuration steps to perform.

If you want more general informations on how does a file sharing works or how to install it on other operating systems, check this article.

You need to have a MyCrypNet network set up. Check this help page in order to create one.


Step 1/4: Configure the firewall

In its default configuration, the Windows® integrated firewall does not allow file sharing connections. It must therefore be configured.

You have to go to the “Control Panel” then “System and Security” and finally in the “Windows Defender Firewall” section: “Allow an app through Windows Firewall”.

In order to modify the parameters, click on “Change settings”.

Find the “File and Printer Sharing” item in the list and check the box in the “Private” column.

Confirm the setting with “OK”.

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This tutorial is for people who want to use the “File Sharing” feature of Windows® simply over a MyCrypNet network.
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