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If you want the technical informations for Limawi, take a look here.

The running of SSL/TLS

SSL/TLS is a protocol that provides server identity verification (for instance a web server like Limawi, in that case we speak about https because the protocol to access a web server is called http). This identity verification works with a certificate sent from the server.

Here is the protocol step by step (technical terms are present in the graphs):

  • The client software asks the server its identity.
  • The server sends a certificate signed by the certification authority trusted by both the client software and the server to the client software.
  • The client software checks if the signature belongs to the certification authority it trusts.
  • It sends a request to this certification authority to check if it ensures that the certificate is still valid.
  • The client software and the server agree on a session key that will encrypt informations during a limited period (this time passed, another session key will take the place, the details for Limawi are explained in the graphs about the session key).
  • The client software and the server can communicate in a secure way.

The HSTS extension

The HSTS extension is a http protocol extension (the protocol that loads webpages) reinforcing the SSL/TLS use.

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Our websites are made safe with https. That means that we use SSL/TLS. But what is that ? And what is the HSTS extension ?
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