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Users sessions management

Sessions in Limawi are used across Limawi subdomains and can be revoked via a centralized interface.

Users sessions management

Session across domains

A Limawi session is transfered across Limawi subdomains using OpenID.

The session is started from the domain and can be extended to the subdomain

The session on is normally started when a session exists on using a cookie asking for a redirection to fetch the OpenID credentials.

These sessions are automatically checked every minute with a client ajax polling. The client ajax polling on checks if the session is on the way on the two domains.

If javascript is not enabled, will automatically check the session on every 30 minutes on client request.

Sessions list

On the page “Profile”, “Security”, all your sessions are listed. You can easily revoke them via a “Close” button appending to each session.

These sessions list shows the IP used to access the session and when the session was started.

Session length

On the most a session lasts on the client for a maximum of 8 hours.

On the server the session is revoked after 8 hours of inactivity.

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