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IDG Contributor Network: A note to mom about cybersecurity

If you have to explain your mum basic steps for cybersecurity, what will you do ?

IDG Contributor Network: A note to mom about cybersecurity

I often ask myself the above question. Given my line of work in cybersecurity awareness, I guess that’s no surprise.

But it’s not just a work question. I’m not just talking about what we all want our employees to know about cybersecurity. I’m asking, what do you wish your mom, your brother, your wife, and your kids all knew about all the dubious and risky junk that floats around the Internet? What would you like your family to know so they can be more mindful of some simple things they can do to protect themselves?

I can’t count the number of times I’ve interacted with my mom; with my brother; or with my 25-year-old son and I thought to myself, “What is it that they are not getting about cybersecurity?” Or to put it another way: “What is the mental model I wish they had that would make it easier for them to be cybersecure?”

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I never install any software coming from outside their official websites.

Mum, many websites ask you to download softwares to improve performance of your computer or smartphone. Do not install them. Never. If you need a software, go to the official webpage and download it from here only.

I do not publish any photos or informations about other members of my family on social media.

You children and grand-children have their own life that can be very different from your's. If you publish photos about their first poop on the toilet or their first steps, these informations can be used by recruiters, for example. These informations stay for years and are very difficult to remove. You can make their life as adults more difficult.

I use specific softwares to increase my computer or smartphone security.

There are some software that can be simple to install and/or use. If you do not know how to install them, I'll install them for you.
Silence can be very helpful to send and receive SMS to your family without other people spying them.
MyCrypNet is useful to exchange data with your children as it can be a real private access to a family network.

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