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How to set the 2 factor authentication on MyCrypNet

How to set the 2 factor authentication on MyCrypNet

Considering that you bought a MyCrypNet service.
You are on the “Your apps” page:

Interface to manage MyCrypNet accesses
MyCrypNet management interface.

Click on the “Modify the Access” button. You should see this panel:

Interface to manage the MyCrypNet Access name
MyCrypNet Access name.

Click on the “Add 2 factor authentication” box.

Two factor authentication of MyCrypNet
Two factor authentication.

You should see a password and confirm field.

This password is your second authentication.

Fill it and click on “Next”. The 2-step authentication processus starts.

Now install your MyCrypNet access with the platform specific configuration below and following the installation tutorial specific to your platform.
Each time you start your access you will have a password prompt (if your device asks for a username, leave this field empty).
Do not use the configuration present in the installation page, use the one below.

Configuration file for Android™ : MyCrypNet.ovpn Installation tutorial for Android™
Configuration file for IOS® : MyCrypNet.ovpn Installation tutorial for IOS®
Configuration file for Linux® : MyCrypNet.conf Installation tutorial for Linux®
Configuration file for Mac OS® : MyCrypNet.conf Installation tutorial for Mac OS®
Configuration file for Windows® : MyCrypNet.ovpn Installation tutorial for Windows®

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