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How to configure AirDroid on MyCrypNet

AirDroid allows remote control of your Android devices (over Wi-Fi or 3G/4G). Here’s how to use it completely securely in your MyCrypNet.

How to configure AirDroid on MyCrypNet

MyCrypNet allows you to create a private network between all your connected devices, whatever operating system it uses (Android ™, iOS®, Linux®, MacOS®, Windows®, etc.). It is expected to want to ensure the best communication between systems that did not anticipate it naturally.
AirDroid allows access to an Android device from any other connected device, if that one has a web browser.
Using AirDroid over your intranet in MyCrypNet protects the confidentiality of the exchanges.

You can order a MyCrypNet.

A MyCrypNet network set up

To install MyCrypNet on each device to be connected, you can access the MyCrypNet installation tutorials here :

Your MyCrypNet tunnel must be connected and functional on at least 2 devices (see tutorial « How to organize a 3 distant access points MyCrypNet network »).

You will find your 2 accesses on your Limawi client interface (« Your apps »). You have been able to rename them as you wish. Here is an example :

Interface to manage MyCrypNet accesses
MyCrypNet Interface.

For the next operations, we’ll need the access name of your Android device.
Here, it is called “android-device”, keep this name in memory.

After you have configured your MyCrypNet network on at least 2 devices, one of which works with Android, you can install AirDroid.

Install AirDroid

On the Android device you want to manage remotely, install the AirDroid application from the Play Store :

Access the AirDroid app on the Play Store

Android Playstore for Airdroid
Android Playstore.

Once the application installation is complete, open it.

Reminder: AirDroid is an independent service of Limawi.

At the first launch, AirDroid offers you to sign in or register with Sand Studio, the company that publishes it.

This registration is not required to use the application and we advise you to skip this step by choosing “Log in later”.

Do not subscribe to Airdroid
No subscribe to Airdroid.

On the main screen of the AirDroid application, no further configuration is necessary.

Access your Android device from your other devices

Now, on your 2nd device, from which you want to access AirDroid, open a simple Internet browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, etc.). This works with any browser on all systems.

Then enter the name of the MyCrypNet access on your Android device followed by “: 8888” (the port used by the AirDroid application). You can keep this address bookmarked so you do not have to re-enter it. In this example, it is “android-device”:

Url to access Airdroid interface
Airdroid url.

A page informs you that the connection must be accepted on the Android device.

Wait to accept connexion to Airdroid
Wait connexion to Airdroid.

Proceed with acceptance on the Android device.

Request to connect to Airdroid
Request to connect.

After your approval, the AirDroid desktop opens to your browser and you can take advantage of the application’s features.

Airdroid Desktop displaying your Android
Airdroid Desktop.

When you have finished your remote session, it is advisable for security reasons to terminate the AirDroid link, using the “Sign out” button on the upper AirDroid center panel:

Airdroid logout button
Airdroid logout.

You can also end the session on the Android device (press the Back button twice).

To maintain the privacy benefit provided by MyCrypNet, you do not use AirDroid’s web links by its publisher’s servers. You stay inside your MyCrypNet private network.

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