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How to install MyCrypNet on Android™

This tutorial shows how to install MyCrypNet on Android™.

How to install MyCrypNet on Android™

You must have a MyCrypNet access first. You can buy one here or ask a delegation to someone who bought one.

Step 1: Download and install the software

You can download the OpenVPN software from the Android Appstore. Download

Step 2: Download the settings file

Download the MyCrypNet.ovpn file into a folder (generally the Download folder). MyCrypNet.ovpn

Step 3: Download the key and certificate

Download the two settings files (vpn.cert and vpn.key) from the “Your apps” page or the “Delegated apps” page and put them in the same folder.

If your browser doesn’t want to download vpn.cert, try with the chrome app by displaying the links menu (by long-clicking on the links) then by clicking “save” in this menu.

Step 4: Launch the app

Launch the app “OpenVPN for Android” on your Android device. If the app is download for the first time, you should see “No VPN profiles defined.” Go to the settings folder.

In case of update, you should delete the existing profile to replace it ! Click on the pen on the right of the profile, then on the trash at the top of the screen !

Step 5: Go to the folder

Go to the folder where the files (MyCrypNet.ovpn, vpn.cert and vpn.key) are stored.

Step 6: Import the settings

Select the MyCrypNet.ovpn file and convert the configuration file from the OpenVPN app.

You can change the name of the profile if you have multiple MyCrypNet accesses on the same device.

Save by clicking on the floppy disk.

Step 7: Start the profile

Select the Tunnel profile that you want (by default, it is named “MyCrypNet”).

Step 8: Trust the application

Trust the application. The profile will start and you will be connected to your MyCrypNet. Once the message “CONNECTED” appears, you are connected to the Tunnel!

Final step: Very Important !

Check your new IP: Whatismyip

Once connected, delete files (MyCrypNet.ovpn, vpn.cert and vpn.key) from the folder.

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