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How to install MyCrypNet on Android™

The installation of MyCrypNet on Android™ is in 4 steps.


Step 1: Download and install the software

OpenVPN on the android store
OpenVPN on the android store.

Step 2: Download the settings files

You need to be logged in to get the files.

Download the MyCrypNet.ovpn file above (at the beginning of the tutorial) into a folder.

Download the two settings files (vpn.cert and vpn.key) from the “Your apps” page and put them in the same folder. If your browser doesn’t want to download vpn.cert, try with the chrome app by displaying the links menu (by long-clicking on the links) then by clicking “save” in this menu.

Interface to manage MyCrypNet accesses
MyCrypNet management interface.

Step 3: Install the settings files

Launch the app “OpenVPN for Android” on your Android device.

Next, click ‘Folder/Import’ and select the settings files downloaded previously.

To validate, click ‘ok’.

Step 4: Run OpenVPN

Select the Tunnel profile that you want.

Once the message “CONNECTED” appears, you are connected to the Tunnel!

Check your new IP: Whatismyip

Very important ! Once connected, delete files from the folder.

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