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Equifax breach: 5 defensive steps to take now

Author: Lysa Myers

Source: WeLiveSecurity

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As you may have heard from the copious news coverage (including our own), the credit monitoring bureau Equifax, was hit with a security breach which has given thieves access to the data of 143 million people; this information comes primarily from customers in the US, as well as some in the UK and Canada. The data stolen includes names, social security numbers, birth dates, addresses, and the numbers of some driver’s licenses and credit cards.

Normally, our first piece of advice would be for you to go directly to a vendor’s breach information site for further information. But at the time of writing, Equifax is having a number of technical difficulties with existing contact methods, at least partly as a result of unusually high traffic volumes.

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On payment methods

There are basic steps to respect to ensure a better level of security on your credits informations.

Reinforce your accounts security by using the available options on every website you have credits informations in.

Do not fill your credits informations anywhere. Check the website is legitimate. Remove as soon as possible your credits informations from a website you have doubt in.

Know and keep your history for your credit cards, Paypal and others. Check that your bank or other acquierer is easy to contact to report a fraud as soon as possible.

On communication method

Check if your email has been compromised by using HaveIbeenpawned. A hacker could try to use your email in a phishing attack.

Master your online identity. List websites you open an account in and refuse emails from others.

Better websurf method

Check the community rate with MyWOT to avoid phishing websites. Deactivate the realtime protection as the company had the bad habit to sell your navigation history in the past, be careful with it. It has chrome and firefox extensions.

On chrome, the Google safe browsing is activated by default to detect these suspicious websites. It also is enabled on Firefox.
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