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To have more general informations on how a files sharing works, how to create a file sharing server or how to install it on other operating systems, take a look here.

Step 1/3: Install the Ghost Commander app

To get it from Google® Play Store, go to the following page to download the app and install it:

Ghost Commander

To get the plugin for SMB protocol, go to the following page to download and install it:

SMB plugin for Ghost Commander

If you prefer to use F-Droid apps, you can download them with it:

Ghost Commander

SMB plugin for Ghost Commander

You have to install the Ghost Commander app before its plugin otherwise the plugin will not be recognized.

Step 2/3: Set the Ghost Commander app for the sharing

Open the Ghost Commander app and select “Windows share”.

A popup appears.

Add the access name for the server (example: OFFICE-DESKTOP, the naming convention in uppercase is explained here).

Add your username (ALICE) and password (ALICE-PASSWORD).

Check “Add to favorites” or “Add fave” to keep the configuration.

Click “OK”.

Step 3/3: Connect to the sharing server

The shared folder should now be accessible via the menu alongside :home in the Ghost Commander app.

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