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Attackers Redefining Objectives, Approaches

Author: Tom Spring

Source: Threatpost | The first stop for security news

social media and cybersecurity
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BOSTON—The nature of cyberattacks is changing and increasingly leveraging social media as they take aim at new targets. That’s the consensus of cybersecurity experts discussing the evolving nature of threats from nation states to hackers for hire.

That’s not to say ransomware isn’t going anywhere or that attacks on critical infrastructure are less of a threat today. Those threats are real and growing. But, panelists at the The Cambridge Cyber Summit, say an emerging new threat landscape is beginning to take shape.

“We think of the recent U.S. election hacks as a cyber Pearl Harbor. But, what happened there? We were thinking and looking in the wrong direction,” said John Carlin, chairman of the Cybersecurity and Technology Program at The Aspen Institute and former assistant attorney general for National Security at the U.S. Department of Justice.


Review of this article

In Europe

A new european regulation will be active in 2018, the GDPR. Its goal is to enlarge the scope of companies and stakeholders responsible or involved in data protection beyond the technical aspect.

It is a first step to wide the landscape of protection against cyberthreats.

For companies

It is crucial for every company to correctly know its environment, its stakeholders. Cyberthreats are not only technical anymore. They include social aspects. A company can only respond accordingly if it masters its sources of data, technically and not.

A field of cyberthreatening is based on social engineering, social hacking. It can take various forms as, for example, publish false informations on a company or individual, ask access to private areas by trickery.

Companies can face up by training employees to these threats, reorganizing their management and hierarchies, defining confidentiality levels and people who can access them, monitoring their e-reputation and elaborating crisis models.
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