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The MyCrypNet service allows you to create an encrypted private network between distant devices, that communicate, one with the other, as if they were in the same local network.

For example, it allows you to make dialog different devices, with total privacy and security, such as an office computer running on Windows®, with a Mac® laptop, at home or nomadic, with an Android® smartphone, of course nomadic too.

The same example could be taken with an office in Geneva, another in Berlin and another in New York City.

You can order a MyCrypNet.

Subscribe a MyCrypNet with 3 accesses

To bind 3 devices into a single private encrypted network, the first step is very simple: you need to subscribe a MyCrypNet service with 3 accesses. See on the website.

To go on with this tutorial, let’s consider that the 3 accesses are already subscribed. When you are logged in (only when you’re logged in, because of security), it appears on the “Your Apps” page.

Give a name to the accesses

The “Your Apps” page is like below. We see that the 3 accesses are created. We need to give them a name, to set them.

Interface to manage MyCrypNet accesses
MyCrypNet management interface.

Click on the access row you want to modify and on the “Modify the Access” button.

The following board will open.

Interface to manage the MyCrypNet Access name
MyCrypNet Access name.

In the input field, put, for example, “office-computer”. Then click on “Next”.

Back on the “Your Apps” page. The new name is there.

Interface to manage MyCrypNet accesses
MyCrypNet accesses management.

Then do it again for each access, each one with it’s own name.

That’s it !

How to use the accesses

For every communication modes between the accesses (ftp, afp, samba, rdp, vnc, etc.), inside a single MyCrypNet network, give the name of the target access is enough to make MyCrypNet find alone your device and make it communicate as you wish to.

Reminder: all your devices can go straight to the internet (“outside”) using the MyCrypNet exit to internet, without any extra setting.

But you are not accessible from outside; MyCrypNet acts as your firewall.

If you are interested, you can order a MyCrypNet.












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